In a day and age of over-the-top hunting productions centered around high fences, giant tracks of managed ground, and outfitters, Whitetail Journey appeals to the vast majority of whitetail hunters across the country that have to get it done on their own. The focus here is truly on the Journey and how hard work and dedication can put you in a position to consistently take mature whitetails. The entire Whitetail Journey team is committed to 100% wild, fair-chase, mature whitetails while doing all of the work required to get in that position. Whitetail Journey shows viewers the entire Journey our individual teams take throughout the entire year for the chance at tagging a mature buck in the fall. You’ll see genuinely REAL hunters….not “shooters” that bounce from one preset, prescouted, stand to another….doing the work it takes to be successful and sharing it all with viewers in stunning HD, professionally captured footage!

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