Merrill Sport

I’ve enjoyed over 39 years in the Outdoor Industry working with Retailers, Wholesalers, as Manufacturer Rep, as Outdoor Television Producer and Founder of 2 Outdoor Television Networks.

Former Co-Founder, Director and COO of Pursuit Channel performing all duties and finances required to launch in May, 2008. I handled the Producer Contracts, Distribution Contracts with DIRECTV, Commercial Sales, as well as worked with the PI/DR Agencies and Reps.

Lisa Sport

My Wife Lisa, (Owner – Hunt Channel) funded the original launch of Pursuit with her Bank Stock and we then raised the next $2+ Million dollars among family and friends prior to New Investors.

I then sold my interest in Pursuit Channel in 2012 and Launched the Hunt Channel in January, 2013. Hunt Channel is a FREE Online Digital Outdoor Network with 24/7 LIVE Outdoor Programming & VOD Library reaching 100+ Million Worldwide.


The Hunt Channel can be seen on the following Apps, Roku; Apple TV; Amazon Fire; Android Mobile App; Apple (IOS) Mobile App; and Our Website.

I served as Executive Producer of Rusty Faulk Outdoors, a 15-year production of an Outdoor TV Show, and with my Partner, Rusty Faulk, we were Co-Founders of the Pursuit Channel. I also worked in Management at Hicks, Inc., Luverne, AL. (Distributor of Outdoor Products), handling duties as Buyer, Promotions/Flyers, Catalog, Key Accounts, Sales Manager, and established the first Hicks, Inc. Dealer Trade Show in 1992. During my 39 years in the Outdoor Industry, I also worked with 3 Major Manufacturer Rep. Organizations in the Southeast. (1) Bob May Co. (2) JPBD & Asso. (3) & Dunkin-Lewis, Inc.