September 26, 2018

Nick Lawrence: Show host and producer, Nick has been an avid hunter and fished since he was in diapers. It all started when he was three years old sitting on the side of Brushy Fork Lake in West Virginia with his grandpa Roger and Grandma Pooch. After his dad bought him his first rifle and taking him to kill his first book, it lit a fire inside him and to this day he spends most of his time outdoors hunting, fishing, or just playing around on his ATV or dirt bike with his friends. Nick is also an EMT and firefighter with the Oceana Fire Department in Oceana, West Virginia and an athletic trainer. In addition to working with the fire department and helping his local high school sports programs, Nick spends most of his time with his friends outdoors and teaching EMT classes.

Derrick Estep: Co-host and director, Derrick has also had a passion for the outdoors since he was very young. From coon hunting with his Grandpa Mack, bear hunting with his group Hardcore Kennels, and making a national TV show with his best friend Nick, it’s safe to say Derrick is what you could call the avid outdoorsman. Derrick is currently attending Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in Ohio. He is also a firefighter with the Oceana Fire Department in Oceana, West Virginia. In his free time when he isn’t hunting or fishing, you’ll find him on the track racing his dirt bike or spending time with his friends.

Hunter Gautier- Pro-staff, Hunter has always been in the woods hunting, fishing, trapping, or scouting around since he was young. With his strong passion of the outdoors, Hunter has created a strong following on social media with thousands of people ready to see what he posts next.

Will Cook- Pro-staff, Since he was old enough to walk, Will has been in the mountains with his dad Chuck hunting. Despite his busy schedule with school, football, and working with Nick and Derrick at the Oceana Fire Department, Will still makes time to get in the woods and take home whatever buck he has been watching throughout the year.

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