April 15, 2019

Weston and Jodi Clark’s program that recognizes and rewards everyday unsung heroes with an incredible outdoor hunting experience is coming back to TV for an all new installment of unforgettable adventures!
Everyone loves a great comeback story, and “The Experience” features powerful, personal encounters with brave men and women who have made sacrifices and given their best—sometimes at great cost—in order to make a difference in the lives of those around them.
Hearts will never be the same when these real life uncelebrated heroes come face to face not only with well-deserved recognition of their bravery, but more remarkably, a fully outfitted transformational outdoor experience that reveals deeper life truths and lasting inspiration. In each heartwarming episode, viewers hear the powerful, personal story of one of the “good guys” (or girls) whose courage made a dramatic impact on others. Then the real fun begins!
“What we love about this show,” say Weston and Jodi Clark, “is the opportunity to turn the tables on givers and suddenly make them receivers of an unforgettable encounter that can change their lives! We integrate celebrities, loved ones and a remarkable outdoor hunting adventure. Each unique episode features a different twist but the same encouraging outcome!”
Weston Clark has guided some of the world’s most popular TV personalities on successful big game hunts. Weston and Jodi acquired and redesigned the innovative development of a thriving line of game calls (Mossback Game Calls), which they sold in 2012 to The Outdoor Group, and is now known as Duel Game Calls. Business and outdoor entertainment have always been a part of Weston and Jodi’s lives, now with the return of “The Experience” on Discovery Channel, he and Jodi are thrilled to be back with bigger and better episodes than ever before!
Similar in format to the highly successful “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” program, “The Experience” pulls at viewers heartstrings as they cheer at seeing good people’s good deeds go celebrated and, more importantly, a higher calling revealed through each insightful, wonder-filled wilderness adventure.

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