We are Rusty Adcock and Kathryn Ann, of Screendoor Entertainment. Our upcoming television show, Outdoors Unplugged, which is set to air on Hunt TV, Dish Net, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, ROKU, and Chromecast.

Outdoors Unplugged will feature both fresh and saltwater fishing along with hunting. One twist to this great saga will be the inclusion of performing musicians from the Austin, Texas area, featured each week as our guests either on fishing or hunting expeditions. The great music of each artist will be included as an extra sizzle to an already great family entertainment production.

The Texas Gulf Coast was devastated by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Residents along the coast experienced heavy losses and cities are in the rebuilding stages that are expected to be ongoing for a couple more years! Although the coast was hit hard, the fishing is TEXAS STRONG!

The hunting season will feature a lot of surprises, probably some that have never seen on television, but will be remembered instantly by “old timers.”

From deer hunts, wild hog hunts, squirrel, bird, gator and as said, surprises, Outdoors Unplugged will fulfill every outdoor enthusiast’s desire!

Videos Coming Soon

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