Embark with brothers William and McLean Russell on high adventures as they seek game around the globe. From bull elephant to brown bear, viewers will enjoy the excitement and wide range of animals pursued. Equally entertaining are the extreme personality differences between the two, who share the same core values and passion for the hunt. On the one hand is William, the intense diehard hunter who spent far too much time covered with face paint hiding in trees and patiently constructing ghillie suits to elude his prey. On the other is McLean, a carefree fun seeker who shows no remorse missing the morning hunt or enjoying a movie on his iPad while in a tree stand.Yet McLean is equally successful to William in the field. When it comes down to business, he is also a responsible sportsman and excellent shot. Mclean will make you laugh and William will cause your heart to skip a beat. Catch “Boundless Hunting” for fun, suspense, and a deep immersion into the world of nature and the pursuit of wild game.

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