Merrill Sport – President

*Former Co-Founder, Director, & COO of Pursuit Channel performing all duties and finances required to launch in May, 2008.  I handled the Producer Contracts, Distribution Contracts with DIRECTV, Commercial Sales, and worked with the PI/DR Agencies & Reps.
*My Wife (Lisa) funded the original launch of Pursuit with a $200,000 commitment of her Bank Stock and I then raised approximately the next 2+ Million dollars among our family & friends, before Steve Smith and John Orrell secured the growth of the Pursuit Channel.
*I have over 35 years of experience in the Outdoor Industry and 15 years as Executive Producer & Finance Director for Rusty Faulk Outdoors, beginning in 1992.
*I also worked in Management at Hicks, Inc., Luverne, AL. (Outdoor Distribution), handling duties as Buyer, Promotions/Flyers, Catalog, Key Accounts, Sales Manager, and established the first Hicks, Inc. Dealer Trade Show in 1992. *During my 35 years in the Outdoor Industry, I also worked with 3 Major Manufacturer Rep. Organizations in the Southeast, beginning in March, 1983. (1) Bob May Co. (2) JPBD & Associates (3) & Dunkin-Lewis, Inc., B’ham., AL. (Southeast)  (334) 429-1228

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Lisa Sport – VP Accounting

Former Accounting Director of the Pursuit Channel with a BS in Marketing from Troy University.  Lisa’s resume includes 2 years Asst. Marketing Director of a
Major Pharmaceutical Distributor as well as 10 years of experience in the classroom teaching High School Math and Accounting. She currently handles all accounting and bookkeeping duties of the Hunt Channel as well as invoicing and billing of all sales transactions, Producers and Advertising.  (334) 429-3009

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